Day 1 Punta Cana

Since I don’t really feel like writing to expand my blog, I figured I’d share my Punta Cana honeymoon experience over the next week. Maybe you can follow along and enjoy paradise through my eyes.

We flew out of Midway International Airport in Chicago, departure at 9:30. All went smoothly, and I loved all the café options inside the airport available. We stopped at the Chicago Market, though, because the Dunkin Donuts line was extremely long. It worked out because the market had the premixed cold coffee, and they had some nice snacks.

My goofy husband and myself!

The flight was fantastic and smooth. Southwest Airlines offered in-flight WiFi for only $8. The only bummer was that there was no in-flight movie to keep my younger niece occupied. She ended up watching me scroll through Twitter and WordPress.

Flying through the clouds!

After landing, we were able to exit the plane right onto the runway, and walk into a hut-looking airport. Thankfully it was air-conditioned because even 80 degrees is a lot to a Wisconsin girl! It was slightly chaotic to find bags, as well as having random airport staff assist in luggage, but once we were able to find our shuttle driver, things ran way more smoothly.

We’re staying at the Occidental Hotel in Punta Cana, a beautiful, all-inclusive resort with multiple buildings, about four bars, two pools, and many international-themed restaurants to choose from. My husband and I are staying in a king-sized room with a gorgeous walk-in shower. The mini bar is included in our reservation, thankfully, because it was stocked with a 1 liter bottle of water.

Dat seduction doh.

The resort is beach-front, and guests are able to enjoy not only the vast view, but also dip into the water, kayak for free, and tan. The sand is warm, white, and so soft that it allows for sensory relaxation.

Along the far-end of the beach. It looks like the beachfront extends about a mile.

My husband, myself, and my in-laws enjoyed the buffet, which had three tables packed with fresh fruit, a grill where staff can cook chicken or beef for you, and many tables with different selections of either food choices native to Punta Cana, or other countries. There was even French fries for the kids.

So far, the trip has been fantastic and enjoyable for my husband and I, and our nieces and nephews. I’m excited to see what the rest of the week brings!

Have any readers traveled to Punta Cana? Any recommendations for must-do’s or activities that have to be done? Comment!

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