Tips For a Kick-Ass Résumé

With the world becoming increasingly more competitive, it’s imperative to have a résumé that’s not only professional, but stands out. The joy in this is that there is a way to have both, so you come across as professional, but also show that you’re a human being. Here are some quick tips to ensure you have a kick ass résumé that will have you stand out.

Color, Color, Color!

Use color in your résumé, whether it’s your name, a line separating your communication info, or coloring the bullet points. If you use color in your résumé, transfer that same color to your cover letter, or pair it with an accompanying color.

I used color in my cover letter when applying for my internship, and my boss told me it was the color that made him read the letter twice and ultimately hire me onto their team.

Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out!

Change up your format on your résumé! Make your communication information on the side instead of the top, for example. Another way to make it stand out is utilizing the font buttons in your word processor- use bold, italics, and differ the sizes. It also helps to find a different professional font that’s not Ariel or Helvetica, such as Foundry Sterling for something sleek, or Georgia Pro for something more traditional.

Browse and download fonts at

Be Human.

One of the most important tips I learned in college was to include your hobbies on your résumé. Yes, you read that right! Under skills, I put things such as reading, biking, hiking, playing video games, making puns, etc. This lets your future employer know that you are a human, not another corporate robot. It’s also a great conversation starter during an interview.

Write It Out!

Some résumés call for short, precise, and simple explanations of your job. However, I have learned that sometimes it’s best to write full sentences for the tasks you completed at your job. For example, instead of writing “communicated with team members,” I wrote “Efficiently worked with team members to ensure a profitable and exemplary work environment.”

Be Yourself.

Most importantly, be yourself. It doesn’t pay to write out a résumé to have it be different than who you are in person. While your résumé needs to be kick ass, you also need to kick ass at your interview.

Any tips you’d like to share on how to make a kick-ass résumé? Comment, share, like!

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